Ahrazozo IG Update with KyuHyun _ 200205

آپدیت IG خواهر کیوهیونی با دایی و خواهرزاده ها😍

” پسرای دوست داشتنیم👨‍👦‍👦سه گنج ارزشمند من🌹امیدوارم هر سه تون کنارم سالم بزرگ شین🙏🏻🥳تولدت مبارک🎂 “

عاخ! قربونتون برمممممم من💜

این عکسُ وقتی کیو روز تولدش به مام هوس رفته بود گرفتن💕


Seouling: Cozying up at Kyuhyun’s Cafe Mom House

دوست دارید بدونید داخل کافه ی مامانِ کیوهیون جه شکلیِ ؟؟!!

پس با این پست همرا بشید 🙂

ما هم که اصلا دلمون نمیخواد بریم اونجاهااا اصلا :||||

Seouling is a new series from Soompi featuring photo tours, thoughts, and reviews of places in Seoul. By giving a bird’s-eye-view into the streets of Korea, Seouling hopes to transport Soompiers to the hub of Korean entertainment.

I made the decision to make the trek — ok, by trek I mean take the 10-minute bus ride — to Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun‘s cafe Mom House in Myeongdong on the first cold and blustery day in Seoul.

Kyuhyun’s parents opened Mom House in 2014, and the location houses not only a coffee house, but a hostel as well. Rooms can be rented out from 29,000 won (approximately $25) for a bed in a dorm-style hostel room, to 198,000 won (approximately $173) for a five-person suite room. The location of the hostel can’t be beat. It rests just across the street from the go-to place for shopping in Seoul, Myeongdong.

Mom House was easy to find, and I had no doubt that I had reached Kyuhyun’s cafe as soon as I stepped foot inside. I was immediately greeted by his face on the window in front of me, and on the elevator to my left. There was also a large screen continously playing not only Kyuhyun’s music videos, but also fancams of various performances. I love Kyuhyun’s voice so I was in pure heaven listening to him sing for the hour and a half I was there.

بقیشو بفرمایید ادامه …

ادامه مطلب …


Kyuhyun Visiting MOM House – 150317

کیو به شکل کاملا نامحسوس بعد از تمرین امروز رفته مام کافه

و قهوه خریده اونم با ماشین شخصیش !

الان مامانشو میبینین ؟ اگه چانگمینم اونجا بود رفته بود تو بغل چانگمین وایساده بود 😐